Who knew flashbacks could excite a viewer so? Well that’s what Shonda Rhimes has made happen with Scandal fans as we entered into last week’s episode “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” with an Instagram-filtered scene of Olivia chatting it up with Tarzan, I mean Huck, right before she heads to a forced dinner to get those law school loans paid off, with then Cosby-sweater wearing Rowan “Hell and High Water” (yes, I’m seriously going to call him that every time).

Twists and turns begin when Olivia is mugged and then saved by Huck, who uses his trained assassin skills to fend the would-be muggers off ,which gets Olivia to wondering where on earth he learned this stuff. Somewhat surprisingly, Huck rattles off how he used to be a secret assassin for the CIA and makes mention of things like ACME, Wonderland and some guy named Commander. Olivia doesn’t quite get it, so she asks her Smithsonian-employed father, Rowan, to check into him.

After Rowan lies to Olivia with a straight face and tells her that Huck is a regular criminal who has now been picked up, we’re introduced to then-David Rosen, with weird facial hair, who tells Olivia that the mystery subway criminal is as clean as whistle. Rosen (forever wearing the white hat) returns a borrowed pen to Olivia that helps her piece together the truth about her father’s involvement. Somewhat of a noteworthy flashback scene: Olivia is dating Edison and accepts his marriage proposal, but only as leverage to get her dad to let Huck go. Of course the best dad in the world sets up some kind of car accident that hurts poor Edison.

The scene where Olivia confronts her dad is by far one of the most chilling acting scenes I’ve seen as Joe Morton somehow effortlessly embodies the menacing yet caring tone in his scenes. Emmy Academy, take note!

In present day, business is as usual with Liv representing Jeanine Locke, Cyrus and Mellie’s sacrifical lamb to the affair crisis. Liv is adamant about Jeanine not taking the fall but with a visit from dear old dad Rowan, she finds out that Fitz must say that Jeanine was his mistress if she ever wants to see Jake again. Oh, and Sunday dinners have to come back.  That awkward moment when Olivia calls Fitz to save Jake’s life…yeah. Needless to say he does it, of course.


Somewhere off in the other corners of Pope & Associates, Quinn felt compelled to look through Olivia’s emails and discover info that shows Olivia’s communication with her father ceased when Huck was taken under her wing.  Holy Huck! What happens next is by far the most intense scene this show has ever shown as Huck goes ape-feces on Olivia in an underground parking lot, attacking her. I literally held my breath. I thought it was over for Olivia.

Oh yeah, and Jake is back. He’s battered, crippled and bleeding in Olivia’s doorway, but Rowan kept his side of the bargain and returned Jake to Olivia. So…who’s bringing what to Sunday dinner?

Are you excited that Jake’s back? Did you think it was bittersweet that Olivia’s love of red wine came from her father?



Photo Credit: ABC.go.com