Name: Ziggy
Age: 26
Career: Entrepreneur/ Nail Technician
Twitter: ZsaZsaZiggy
Instagram: ZiggyZsa

1. What is the best way break the ice?
To introduce yourself and make a joke. Laughter is an ice breaker.

2.What initially attracts you to someone?
Their look. Not necessarily what they have on but their confidence in how they’re rocking what they’re wearing.

3: What are your top turn ons or turn offs?
Turn Ons:  a nice smile, driven & a stimulating conversation      Turn Offs: Dirty nails, bad breath & flashy dudes…condo on your wrist, really sir.

4: What is the best place to meet someone?

I usually meet guys while I’m out & about…the gym, art gallery or at the bar of one my favorite restaurants

5. What is your ideal first date?
Dinner & Paddle Boating OR Picnic & Volley ball…something active! I’m not a dinner & movies kinda girl, unless it’s an outdoor movie on the lawn

6. What is your best or worst first date experience?
Worst: Dude took me to dinner & his friend showed up mid-dinner to talk “business” & to drop off a package. If I can put my work on hold for you, show me the same respect. The worst & his last date with me.

First Date or Wait: A lady never tells, so why should I lol

Idris Elba or 2 Chainz: Both at the same damn time

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Wine or Liquor: Liquor

Boxers or Boxer Briefs: Boxers

Face or Body: Gotta have a face to go with that body