For 20 years now rumors have been flying around indicating that Isiah Thomas was not a part of the 1992 Olympic “Dream Team” because of beef between him and Michael Jordan. But, until now, that was only a rumor. Jordan never really confirmed or denied them. But, in the new “Dream Team” documentary that’s airing tonight on NBA TV to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the team, His Airness MJ finally admits what everyone has been wondering and debating for years; that he was responsible for blackballing Thomas from the team in ’92.

“That was one of the stipulations put to me…that Isiah wasn’t part of the team,” a direct quote from Jordan in the documentary.

Also Jordan’s teammate Scottie Pippen says, “Isiah was the general [of the Pistons],” in the documentary. “He was the guy who would yap at his teammates and say, ‘Kick them on their ass. Do whatever you have to do.’ No, I didn’t want him on the Dream Team.”